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We are thrilled to find you are interested in our larger order options.

Whether you are looking to resale coffee or order coffee for your office, Frenchtown Roasters offers a variety of options that will cater to your needs.

Find the right coffee from suggested packages to private tastings. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your coffee ideas becoming a reality. 

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Common Queries

Quality in Coffee

We are dedicated to keeping the freshest beans available and ready for each customer. All of our coffees are roasted in small batches by hand and to order. Great care is put into each lot and origin giving us the ability to offer a coffee that is roasted for quality, consistency and taste.  Our pride is derived from each roast and the relationship we make with you. Family Owned and Operated we are able to provide direct service and assistance making finding the right coffee as easy as drinking it.

Coffee Offerings

Frenchtown Roasters' coffee imports are 100% Arabic beans and a selection of Robusta Beans. Our specialty offerings range in Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance and our own custom blends. 

While our blends are available year-round for selection, some of our single origins will change with the season's harvest. Changing some of the origins at times allows us to try new coffees and guarantee the best and freshest bean selections.

Packaging, Pricing & Labeling

Frenchtown Roasters has setup suggestions on bag weights and packaging options to simplify your choices and create a quicker delivery of your coffee order. There is also custom creations, here you can taste coffees, have a custom designed label or  even create your own blend. 

Having a wedding? No problem, we have experience with wedding favors. Want to keep fresh coffee in your office but not sure how much you would use? No problem, We can work with you through your orders to find the perfect re-order schedule.

Some of our Retail and Wholesale Ordering Details: Weight measurements start at 1 ounce and require a 5 pound minimum order.  All orders are packaged as whole bean, with an additional charge your coffee order with request can be ground for any brewing system that you would like.

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